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Catharine O'Leary

Hello, I am Catharine O’Leary. I’ve been in corporate marketing for 25 years and was as surprised as anyone to find myself laid off and unable to get a job. Two degrees and 25 years later and I can’t get by the google gate keeper? What happened? 

There were two ways to go. Beat my head against the wall and continue to try and find a similar position or make a drastic change and explore new options. Plan A was no longer viable so onto Plan B. What was plan B you ask. Great question! 

For me I needed to stop looking for a good job and start creating a great career. One where I could work wherever I wanted to with just my laptop and phone. One with global opportunities and passionate people to work with. I found everything I wanted in the personal development sector where I am building a career that motivates and helps people with similar experiences to achieve success.

I am passionate about working with motivated professionals who want to create this level of freedom and flexibility in their own lives. I am looking for big thinkers who don’t want to settle for the status quo any longer.

I work at building my business, wherever and whenever I want...

...am recognized as a Global Leader and named a top ranking M8 Director...

...meet and work with incredible entrepreneurs from around the world...

...and still make time to relax and enjoy the business and the life I am creating


Create an extraordinary career filled with choices not compromises. 

THE BEGINNING:  I had a long and satisfying corporate career working in Market Research and Consumer Insights. I’ve always been fascinated with the choices that people make from what bank account to open to what mobile phone and phone plan to buy or what pop to drink. What drives people to different purchasing decisions? Price, brand, loyally programs, colour? This fascination started in university where I spectacularly failed accounting putting my big dreams of being CEO in the next 10 years in serious jeopardy. With my business degree hanging in the balance I took my first of many economics courses. Now this made sense to me! Probabilities and measuring utility scores spoke to me far more then debits and credits. This fascination of turning purchase decisions into quantifiable results lead to 25 years working for some of the largest global companies in the world helping them understand their consumers better so they could deliver the best products and services to the market.

THE BUMP IN THE ROAD: I loved what I did so I was truly disappointed when my last position was made redundant in a global re-organization and I was left searching for a new job. As I started to search for another job I realized I got a whole lot more then I bargained for. Not only was I laid off I’d also turned 50, which turned out to be a larger issue then I had . I was left with all the education, experience, and contacts one could want but struggling in a job market that I owned just a few years ago! I was at a cross-roads I didn’t see coming.

THE BIG BREATH: The job search was a challenge, I wasn’t getting anywhere other the depressed. I realized that for all my research into how consumers make choices I’d never stopped to really analyze my own choices. What was my “what else”? I started with my dream “I do not want list”. I didn’t want to waste two or more hours a day commuting to an office, I didn’t even want an office! I didn’t want someone watching the clock babysitting me to make sure I was giving 9-5, and I didn’t want to ask permission to go on holiday or take time off due to a family emergency. So where did that leave me? Still searching but with a broader focus and purpose. 

THE SURPRISING OPPORTUNITY: Now that I’d identified what I didn't want where was I going to find what I did want? If there was ever a time to be open to outside the box opportunities it was now.  So I started to expand my job search parameters and became open to different opportunities and I found myself answering a posting similar to the one that brought you here. There was something about it that made me want to learn more so I filled in my details and decided to take a chance!

THE CHANCE THAT TURNED INTO CHANGE: I took advantage of that chance and the business that I was led to that day, is the business that I still run today. I was able to create the career I dreamed of and am achieving so much more both professionally and personally. I now represent award winning Personal Development products and events tapping into a global economy and connecting with clients from North America to Europe to Australia,and all points in between. I am also privileged to be working with incredible entrepreneurs who are supportive, talented and simply the best in their field.

Measuring consumer behavior was fulfilling but understanding the mindset that creates a successful and fulfilled person is a whole new level of consumer and self-exploration that is fascinating. Along the journey I realized my “what else” – I want to help people be fascinated every day in search of their success. What’s your “what else”? If you are looking for a change, either part or full time, and want to see if a similar business opportunity is right for you then reach out to me today! 

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“Catharine is one of the best partners I have worked with over the years. She will push us to produce our best work while always remaining a consummate professional.”  VP Ipsos Reid

Working with Catharine

“Catharine brought enthusiasm and energy every day. She excels at building relationships. Catharine was pleasure to work with and was key to building the team.” Director Customer Insights, Research in Motion

“Catharine is a very energetic and people-oriented team member, and her Partners give her full marks for being an outgoing individual with a positive disposition who is a pleasure to work with. “Associate Vice President TD Canada Trust 

“Catharine is a great communicator who has the innate ability to develop great chemistry and strong morale among her team members.” EVP Field Services, Advanis.